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Dr. Samir K Mondal
Principal Scientist 



Design & Fabrication of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), Long Period Grating (LPG), and Extrinsic Fabry Perot Interferometric (EFPI) sensors; FBG based  sensors for accelerometer, hydrophone, strain and temperature monitoring; Photonic crystal faber based sensors; Optical fiber based chemical and bio-sensing; Field and Range Optics for 6 MV Medical Linac; Optical fiber based nanoantenna fabrication and its applications in optical tweezing, non-diffracting beam generation, non-linear optics, imaging and sensing; Plasmonic coatings on optical fiber antenna using optical tweezing and use of the coated antenna in near-field imaging and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy; Development of laser based opto-electronic system for measurement of velocity of bomb’s fragments moving with ultra high speed and ; Development of laser based digital shadowgraphy system for  measurement of pressure of bombs as per the requirements of   DRDO- TBRL
Design, fabrication & characterisation FBG and LPG sensors; Packaging of FBG sensors for structural Health Monitoring; Development of opto-electronic systems; Holographic optical information processing, Volume holographic correlators and Digital holographic microscopy; Design & development of optical systems using spherical surfaces, Aspheric, Diffractive, Hybrid & freeform surfaces/elements; Expertise in the area of glass, Plastics, Metals and IR Optics; Fabrication of optical fiber based nano-antenna and its application in optical tweezing, non-diffracting beam generation, non-linear optics, imaging and spectroscopy; ; Laser based opto-elecronic instrumentation for strategic applications particularly measurement of various parameters of armaments (as per the requirements of DRDO-TBRL)- namely laser based optical screens for measurement of velocity of the projectiles moving with ultra high speed, film and digital cameras based ultra high speed shadowgraphy systems for terminal studies of ballistics.
	FBG and LPG Writing System

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