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Dr. H K Sardana
Chief Scientist & Horizontal Incharge
ext: 262(O)






Computational Instrumentation (CI) is an interdisciplinary engineering specialty motivated by an emerging revolutionary impact of computing on engineering analysis and design. Through the use of embedded computational intelligence in instruments facilitated scientists to solve critical problems and new findings in turn enable the development of more powerful and sometimes novel instruments. Computational Instrumentation simply means Computational Processing and Analysis and Visualisation of data for an end application result rather than mere means to a purpose. Computational Instrumentation at CSIO implies treatment and analysis of sensing and measuring parameters with the higher level objectives of Inspection, Monitoring, Prediction,Forecasting, Recognition, and Diagnosis (CIMPFoRD>). The sensing could be carried out using

-Arrays, Imaging and Sensor Networks. The computing techniques those are exhaustively to deployed are: Sensor Fusion / Multi-sensor data fusion, High-dimensional Data Acquisition , Visualization,  Data Mining,Navigation, Pattern Recognition,Artificial Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic, Linguistic Computing and Granular Computing, Machine Intelligence,Computational Intelligence.



  • Image Processing
  • Medical Imaging and therapy
  • Embedded System
  • PC- Architecture based Instrumentation
  • Techniques for Early Warning
  • Wireless Sensor Network – Agro, Health and seismic
  • Wireless Communication
  • Assistive technologies for visually challenged


Computational Imaging and Analysis Lab
Assistive Technology Lab

Machine Intelligence and Predictive Modeling Lab
Web services – Agro and Health lab



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