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Gait Analysis Laboratory

The term Gait refers to the pattern of walk of an individual. Gait analysis consists of the various scientific measurement and analysis linked with locomotion. The Gait measurement techniques used in the Gait Lab of the Medical Instrumentation Unit at CSIO Chandigarh are broadly classified into 4 types.

  • Camera motion analysis
  • Kistler Force plate based force analysis·      
  • Biometrics EMG analysis·     
  • Treadmill based controlled speed locomotion

Camera Motion Analysis:

An indigenously developed active markers (LED) based 2D camera motion analysis setup has been developed. The motion (kinematic) data is acquired with the subject walking wearing the markers set at anatomical joint landmarks. The acquired images are post processed and analyzed in LabVIEW based indigenously developed software. The setup can at present measure 7 spatiotemporal parameters of human gait.

Force Analysis

Kinetic analysis of human motion is done using standard Kistler force plate sensors. The 3-axis force plate sensor give precision data for walk in 3D.The associated Bioware software helps in analysis of acquired force data.

Biometrics EMG analysis

The electromyographic signals associated with the lower limb muscles are of great importance in assessing the gait of individuals, this is done using the Biometrics EMG acquisition system, which also helps in determining the joint flexion angles using electrogoniometers.

The SEMG data acquisition is often carried on the motorized treadmill with the subject walking at a predefined speed. The acquired data is analyzed in Datalink analysis software; in addition Matlab and LabVIEW based analysis modules have also been developed.



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